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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Ask a Gay Family" by depfox

We started making "Gay Family Values" videos as a response to prop 8 here in Ca. These videos have been a huge hit. We have come to understand that the reason these videos are so popular is that people don't get to see what it means to be a gay couple in a long term relationship raising children. Our family is no better and no worse then any other family.

We have been getting lots of questions about our family and in the past we would respond to every email we received. We have decided to open our family up to questions you may have.

ASK A GAY FAMILY 10: Adoption Vs Surrogacy?

1. Why did you choose adoption? By Pablo from
2. Any more kids in the future? By Rich & Jason
3. Why no more Ask A Gay Family Videos? Scott & Mike

Lets take a look back on the questions that we have answered over the last year:

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep 1. Is Daniel Disabled?

1. Does Daniel have medical Disabilities?
2. Response to Garysher3 comments.

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep 2. How did we tell the Kids?

1. Why Daddy Jay & Daddy Bryan.
2. How did we explain to Daniel & Selena about us being gay? & How did they take it?

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep 3. Do the kids get teased?

1. Do you're kids get teased for having two dads & If so how do you help them.

2. Jay do you ever deal with homophobia at work

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 4 God & Religion

1. Will you make your children be Christian? or will you let them choose?

2. 2: Being gay & Christian do you have a hard time explain to other people about your religious beliefs.

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 5 Why we picked Leffew?

1. What do the kids want to be when they grow up?

2. Why Leffew as your last name?

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 6 What If ?

1. How do we explain when negative gay comments come up?

2. What if the kids are Gay?

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 7 BI Canadians?

1. Have you ever considered moving to Canada?

2. What are your views on Bisexuality?

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 8 "Fag Queer & Diaper sniffers"

1. How Do You Handle P.D.A's "Public Displays Of Affection"?

2. What would you two do if, in public, someone made a homophobic remark, insulted you, or got physically aggressive... What would you do.

ASK A GAY FAMILY Ep. 9 Monogamy & Crushes

1. What is your opinion on Monogamy & Open Relationships?

2. What is your opinion on Crushes & How do you deal with them?


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  1. I love the way Daniel illustrates the narrative by pointing at the body parts as his daddy discusses them. Daniel seems very comfortable and having some fun with it.