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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help us Reach 15,000 Online Signatures to Fight 'Gay Cure' Therapy In Hong Kong

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Help us Reach 15,000 Online Signatures to Fight 'Gay Cure' Therapy In Hong Kong

Campaign led by Dan Choi and Truth Wins Out to end Hong Kong's sponsorship of "ex-gay therapy" gathers thousands of supporters over 48 hours; Organization behind "gay cure" iPhone app continues to spread anti-gay doctrine overseas

 Dan Choi
Last week, Lt. Dan Choi and Truth Wins Out launched anonline petition on to end Hong Kong's sponsorship of "ex-gay therapy." In the past 48 hours, momentum has gathered with thousands of supporters signing and giving us more than 14,500 signatures.

We need your help to push us over the edge and reach 15,000 signatures today. If you have already signed our petition we thank you, but please consider sending it to friends and asking them to sign too. If you have not signed, please consider doing so now.

We launched this petition after Hong Kong's government hired "gay cure" therapist Hong Kwai-wah. The controversial therapist claims he can "cure" LGBT people through cold showers, prayer, and abstinence.  

The effort to infiltrate Hong Kong's government and promote anti-gay ideology has been spearheaded by Canada-based Exodus Global Alliance and United States-based Exodus International. Exodus has been spreading its fundamentalist "ex-gay" doctrine overseas for some time -- as it did in Uganda, encouraging advocates of the notorious "Kill the Gays" bill to criminalize homosexuality. Truth Wins Out released a comprehensive report this week --How Radical American Christian Sects Are Invading Hong Kong and Beyond -- produced by researcher Bruce Wilson, detailing extensive efforts by American extremists to evangelize Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's hiring of Hong Kwai-wah is the tip of the iceberg. If we don't take a stand now and stop this madness, the efforts to infiltrate Hong Kong and spread a radical, hate-filled ideology will only intensify.
"It is shocking that Hong Kong would risk its reputation as an international business and cultural center by hiring a therapist with such disturbing views," said Dan Choi. "Hong Kong should move decisively to restore its honor and dignity by removing Hong Kwai-wah. The world is watching and taking note of this embarrassing travesty."
Please stand up and join Dan Choi and Truth Wins Out in fighting efforts to spread "ex-gay" therapy worldwide. Together, we can make a difference and stop these dangerous efforts.

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