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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thousands join gay pride event in Delhi

People dance at a gay pride march in Delhi. India (28 Nov 2010)

A vast rainbow flag was carried through the streets of Delhi
About 2,000 people have joined a gay pride parade in the Indian capital, Delhi, the first such event since homosexuality was legalised last year.
Organisers said gay people were demonstrating that they have a place in society, and that the parade was a celebration of being different.
The High Court overturned a colonial-era law against homosexuality in 2009.
But the BBC's Mark Dummett in Delhi says homosexuality is still stigmatised as Indian society is very conservative.
"There has been a certain sort of change but it has not been a revolution," one marcher told the BBC. "It has been decriminalised but society has not completely changed along with it."
The marchers hope that their colourful event - complete with drummers, dancing and rainbow flags - will help to change those attitudes, says our correspondent.


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