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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anti-Gay Protesters at Edwards Funeral

Five anti-homosexual protesters from
the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka
face counter-protesters across the street,
near Edenton St Methodist Church in Raleigh,
where Elizabeth Edwards' funeral is being held,
(CBS)  Protesters from a Kansas church group that regularly demonstrates at military funerals were seen near the church where Elizabeth Edwards' funeral will be held this afternoon.

Five protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka held signs about two blocks from the Edenton Street Methodist Church, where the public memorial will be held.

The church, which condemns what it calls America's permissive attitude towards homosexuality, stages demonstrations to bring attention to its anti-gay stance.

Across the street, a larger contingent of counter-protesters waved pink signs reading "Hero."

Elizabeth Edwards became a model of strength and inspiration to millions of Americans and around the world as she bravely battled breast cancer for six years. She died this week at the age of 61, and will be laid to rest today.

Supporters of Edwards sponsored a Walking Book of Condolences to honor her memory and counter the Westboro congregants' plans to picket at her funeral.

The Edwards family expects as many as 1,700 people to turn out for the funeral. Among the dignitaries expected to attend, Mass. Sen. John Kerry, who ran for president with John Edwards on his ticket, and Vicky Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The memorial service will be open to the public, but the burial will be private.


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