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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Religion News: Presbyterian Church close to accepting LGBT ministers

More Presbyterian churches than ever
support accepting LGBT ministers.
For the first time ever, voters in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who favor dropping exclusionary policies against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender are in the lead in a nationwide vote.
In 2010, the national body approved an amendment that would allow LGBT candidates for ordination to be evaluated on their spiritual call to ministry and their abilities. The amendment then went to the 173 regional presbyteries across the country for a vote on whether or not to ratify the amendment.

Approval requires a 50 percent majority of the presbyteries, and the count now stands at 48 approving and 34 disapproving. This is the highest level of support in the last 14 years that an amendment to remove exclusionary provisions was approved by the national voting body.

Nine presbyteries, including Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma, have changed their vote to support full inclusion since they last voted in 2009. If the 50 percent approval rate is reached, Presbyterians would join the millions of members in Lutheran, Episcopal and United Church of Christ denominations that now allow LGBT people to serve in leadership.
“A growing number of Presbyterians do not want to be part of a Church that discriminates or teaches that God loves only certain kinds of people. They want to be part of a Church and world that reflects God's heart," said Michael Adee, Executive Director of More Light Presbyterians.
More Light Presbyterians is a national grassroots organization working to end discrimination and achieve equality for LGBT people and their families in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the world. For more information, visit


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