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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glee stars deny lesbian relationship

Dianna Agron & Lea Michele stripped
together for a controversial photo spread.
Dianna Agron says "hugging" her co-star Lea Michele does not mean they are in a relationship.
The 24-year-old is best known for her portrayal of Quinn Fabray in the hit US television series Glee. The pretty blonde stars along Lea in the show, and rumours have emerged that the pair are an item.
Dianna is perplexed about why people think she is in a relationship with Lea, as they base their accusations on insignificant things.
"Everybody is convinced that Lea and I are in a relationship," she told Marie Claire. "There are forums with photos of us hugging."
Lea - who plays limelight loving Rachel Berry in the FOX show - is whole-heartedly devoted to Glee. The American actress abandoned her vehicle on the way to her audition after being involved in a car accident.
 "I was more afraid that they'd think I was using that as an excuse for being late. Because at first they were like, 'Oh, my God are you okay?' But after a while they were joking, 'So that 'car crash' you were in...' I literally had chunks of glass that I pulled from my hair and put on the table," she says.
"I look back on that day and think, 'I can't believe I did that.' I left the car on the side of the road. But something came over me."
Amber Riley, meanwhile, says her character's relationship with Kurt - played by Chris Colfer - imitates real life. The actress plays Mercedes Jones and says that having her best friends on set as well as in day-to-day life "drives her up the wall".
"Chris Colfer really is my Kurt. That's my baby," she says. "Having his character at that other school - Dalton Academy - this season is driving me up the wall."


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