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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Are The Top Ten Most Powerful Gays In America?

Is This The Most Powerful Gay Man in America?
By David Mixner -

Debating who is the most powerful LGBT person in America is always a fun game to play at a dinner party. Also that very game is a sure fire way to have your evening ruined by an argument. Who doesn't love a good "most powerful' list and have a strong opinion about it? . OUT Magazine's "5th Annual Powerful 50" list was released on Tuesday. You can obtain the entire list plus details on each person by clicking here.

Here are the top ten and let the arguments begin!

 1. Tim Cook: COO of Apple Computers
 2. Ellen Degeneres: Talk Show Host
 3. Anderson Cooper: Journalist
 4. Rachael Maddow: Television Commentator
 5. Barney Frank: United States Congress
 6. Shepard Smith: Fox News Anchor
 7. Peter Thiel: PayPal Founder
 8, Barry Dillar; Media Mogul
 9. Joe Solmonese: Human Rights Campaign CEO
10. Rich Ross: Chairman of Walt Disney Studio

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