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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gay "Green Card" Movie Raising Marriage Inequality Issues

By David W Ross -

About this project

Actor and musician David W. Ross (Quinceañera/Bad Boys Inc) along with producer Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks/Boy Culture) are filming a romantic drama, I Do, about what it takes to make a family in modern America.
Funding for a feature takes time but seeing how impassioned people are about the 1,300 rights not afforded gay married couples (the much contested Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, means State approved gay marriage is unrecognized at Federal level) they are driven to make I Do as soon as possible.
You could be a part of this breakthrough, character driven, plot twisting, funny and empowering feature film about finally finding what you want and figuring out how to get it. Best described as a "Gay Green Card, I Do's timely issue and David's fan base means press such as Oh LA LA, Frontiers, Guyspy, Gay Times, Queermagonline, Boy Culture, The Sheena Metal Radio Show, BBC 5LIve, Paul and Matty on QNation and the UK's massive Attitude Magazine have all run stories and interviews about I Do.  Furthermore, the BBC will be filming a doc about the project next month.
Now we just need to reach the $50,000 mark by May 15th.  Every pledge helps!
With your support I Do will be shot in the summer and we'll keep you updated all the way.
If you pledge big, we'll even see you on set!  Thank you for your invaluable support.
PLEDGE UPDATE: All pledges with Media: such as posters, CDs or DVDs, will be limited edition and signed by the cast.


After years of casual relationships Brit in New York Jack falls deeply for handsome Spanish American Mano Cuno.  Jack's determined to stay in the US as he's become like a father to his niece, Tara, and the sole provider for her mother, Mya, after Jack's brother is killed in a road accident.  In order to stay in the country it's not enough to marry Mano as Federal law won't recognize State level gay marriage.  Jack has a choice: move to Spain with Mano, the love of his life and lose the only family he has for his new one, or lose Mano and stay in New York.  An impossible choice. Unless... he creates a phoney straight marriage with his best friend Ali to gain citizenship.  Saying I Do is not so simple...

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