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Friday, June 3, 2011

Christian Lobby Slams AdShel Safe Sex Promotion With Homophobia

UPDATE: Quotes can be found at: and in the listed AdShel complaints
Number of complaints about the ad in 72hrs: 80
Number of protests in 48hrs: 90,000
Number of people pissed off enough to spend the last two days making a video about it: 4

Written by Paul Ayre
Directed by Paul Ayre & Jeremy Brull
Filming by Jeremy Brull
Edited by Emma McKenna and Jeremy Brull
Featuring (in order): Paul Ayre, Jeremy Brull, Emma McKenna, Craig Foster

On the 1st of June, a small group of people from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) decided to focus a "grass roots" campaign to remove an ad promoting safe sex from bus shelters in Queensland. AdShel, the campaign creator bowed to the pressure of 80 complaints, many copied and pasted from a template sent out by figureheads in the ACL.

Under the guise of "please think about the children", a series of homophobic rants were found in the complaints - some of which are included here verbatim (abotu 80-90%). 10% we added because we thought they were funny - the fun part is guessing what's real and what isn't.

It's unfortunate these people use the banner of "Christianity" to promote hate. Most modern Chrisitans have accepted the homophobic aspects of the bible as misguided relics from a society gone by - Like stoning, slavery adn the whole "world being flat" thing. Unfortunately, there are a minority in Australia that wield these like weapons and give Christians a bad name.

I don't like that. You don't get to do that any more. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality, you will grow out of it and then realise you had nothing to fear, and that your life hasn't changed in the slightest.

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