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Thursday, June 9, 2011

New York Marriage Equality: What Have You Done?

By David Mixner -

Basically there is one week left for the New York legislature to decide if marriage equality comes to New York State this year. No one is making any proclamations on possible outcomes. Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, City Council President Christine Quinn and so many other individuals and organizations have given their all to make full equality for New York LGBT citizens a reality.
Our community organizations and leaders are doing their jobs. Our straight allies - elected's, labor, corporate leaders, religious leaders, etc - have stepped up to the plate. There is only one remaining question: What have you done?
Seriously, this is it.
If you haven't picked up that phone and made a call to your State senator then shame on you. I have called mine three times already and she is a solid vote. Nevertheless I want her to feel my intensity on this issue so it would be reflected in her efforts. New Yorkers United For Marriage Equality is ready to assist you in making the contact or bringing your resources to the table. However they can't guess if you have resources to bring to the table or if you have made your call. If you live out of state and have family and friends in New York then please call them.
"Been meaning to get around to it...." doesn't count anymore because we are running out of time. PLEASE take a minute to call, write, email and do everything in your power to make this a reality.

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