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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LGBT rights ranks 24th out of 29th...

Nate Silver surveys Congressperson and candidate web sites, noting which issues are addressed. He surveyed 29 Democratic and 29 Republican websites of candidates in districts rated 'tossups'.

7% of Democratic candidates mentioned 'gay rights', while 21% of Republican candidates did so (presumably not in a favorable way...)

Silver goes on to note:

And both Republicans and Democrats avoided the issue of gay rights, where public opinion is shifting. Even if gay marriage were too controversial to be a part of the Democratic agenda in most swing districts, the Democrats might theoretically gain ground by highlighting their support for allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military, where large majorities of the public back their position. But perhaps hamstrung by Mr. Obama, who has taken a series of half-steps on the issue, few of these Democrats have chosen to do so.

The only issues that were noted less by Democrats were
  • Israel (tied)
  • Science/technology
  • Nuclear Proliferation
  • Size of Government
  • Organized Labor


  1. jeesh, that's disheartening but unfortunately not surprising. Another reason why giving to generic house and senate democratic campaigns is a bad idea.

  2. I'm shocked. No, really, I'm shocked! You mean LGBT rights are way down on the list of issues listed by Democratic candidates? It's a good thing that doesn't reflect the way Democrats in DC prioritize our issues. Oh, wait . . .