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Friday, September 10, 2010

Noted in Passing

  • Maggie Galagher:

    "Two hundred years ago, for example, homosexuality did not exist. There was sodomy, of course, and buggery, and fornication and adultery and other sexual sins, but not of these forbidden acts fundamentally altered the sexual landscape. A man who committed sodomy may have lost his soul, but he did not lose his gender. He did not become a homosexual, a third sex. That was the invention of the nineteenth-century imagination."

  • Megan McCain on DADT:
    "I really think it's generational," said McCain. "I've been very disappointed with President Obama. He is 49, which is significantly younger than my father. I don't understand why the media doesn't put more pressure on him to do something as well."

  • Yet Another DADT trial begins:
    On Monday, Sept. 13, the lesbian for whom the "Witt Standard" was named will be back in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, Washington court as the decorated U.S. Air Force flight nurse continues to challenge her discharge under DADT. Witt is seeking re-instatement. The trial is expected to last seven days.

  • Drip, drip, drip:
    Members of the European Parliament have called for action to ensure gay couples in marriages and civil partnerships are recognised across the continent.

  • Who knew?
    According to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, Lowered intellectual capacity is another devastating consequence of Muslim marriage patterns.


  1. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, if you don't have anything smart to say....

  2. But the queer theorists populating social science and humanities departments at colleges and universities say pretty much the same thing. It is pretty hard to condemn her for paraphrasing Foucault, who said "The sodomite had been a temporary aberration; the homosexual was now a species." Of course, Foucault was also a bit of a delusional nihilist but that's not the point. In the "essentialism" versus "constructivism" debate, they can easily turn into allies of the fundamentalists or, as is usually the case (and as is typical of a certain crowd in the identity politics discussions and debates), the other oppressed groups that they favor more than LGBTs.

  3. I am not a violent man, but I would dearly love to take Maggie by the head and stuff it into a toilet and flush away all the shit that seems to flow so freely from her addled brain.

  4. Actually, it sounds like Maggie actually read some Magnus Hirschfeld.

  5. It should also be pointed out that the social construction set makes claims that are historically dubious. To the extent Gallagher is relying on them to deny that homosexuality was an identity rooted in the psyche, I suggest she go back and reread the Symposium. Aristophanes' speech is strong evidence to the contrary. There was a reason the "Greek vice" had to be ignored by scholars for all of those years.