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Friday, January 14, 2011

The News Keeps Getting Better For Marriage Equality!

By David Mixner -

Same-sex marriage 7
After last year's elections, there was real concern that the new Republican, veto-proof New Hampshire legislature might attempt to turn back marriage equality. Yesterday you could hear a collective sigh of relief from those who love justice when the Granite States's Republican House leader D.J. Bettencourt announced that marriage equality is 'off the table' for this session. We must monitor this situation carefully and keep ready and alert but indeed this sounds like remarkably good news.
In addition, both Rhode Island and Maryland are expected to soon join the ranks of those states that allow marriage equality. If we are successful in those states, then we will have a total of seven states and the District of Columbia allowing same sex marriage. The more states we add the more difficult it will be for those who are against full equality for the LGBT community to stop us. Clearly there is an historical inevitability emerging with these victories and that will soon not be lost on the courts, the press and the American people.
If Rhode Island and Maryland join the litany of states for marriage equality then about 27 million American will live in states with that right. That means almost 10% of the American public is covered by marriage equality laws. If we are able to get such laws in California and New York in the near future, then that number grows to an astounding 28% of the American people. It is just a matter of time.

Support Freedom to Marry in the efforts to obtain full marriage equality.

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