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Friday, January 14, 2011

OUT Magazine: We Like Sex

By David Mixner -

Out Magazine has just released its first annual sex survey and some of the revelations are fascinating to read. We love our sex! Here are some of the findings but click here to read all of them.
  • - 1/3 of you lost your virginity before you were 17.
  • - But 1/20 still haven’t.
  • -14% have had more than 100 one-night stands. (14% have had zero)
  • -70% have had sex in public.
  • - 44% of you slept with a member of the opposite sex before coming out.
  • - 22% of you slept with a member of the opposite sex after coming out.*
  • - That Midwest men are most likely to be versatile and date outside their race
  • - 70% of those 18 to 25 years old want children while only 21% of those 36 to 45 years old want kids.
  • -70% of those 55 to 65 years old own a sex toy.
  • -60% have had sex with someone who was in a straight relationship at the time.
  • -79% never use drugs before having sex

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