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Thursday, December 16, 2010

College Football: Big Ten Honors Anti-LGBT Activist

By David Mixner -

Big+Ten+Nation    Just when we think we are making some progress in our institutions of higher learning and their sports programs they remind us of how much farther we have to go for full equality. The latest is from the Big Ten Football Conference that includes such universities as Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. All these universities have been enlightened over the years in the struggle for LGBT rights.
   Their football conference has just set them back in a serious way. The Big Ten Football Conference decided to name their Humanitarian Award after former University of Minnesota quarterback Tony Dungy. He has raised tens of thousands of dollars for anti-LGBT efforts! As reported by founder Cyd Zeigler in the Huffington Post:

This week former University of Minnesota quarterback Tony Dungy became one of only four men in the history of Big Ten football to have a postgraduate award named after him. And it isn't just another award. It's the conference's humanitarian award. That's right: In the 114-year history of the conference, of the thousands of men to play football at the member schools, the Big Ten felt the need to name their humanitarian award after a man who has actively fought against the equal rights of gay Americans. 

   Sure hope the students on the campuses of the Big Ten don't let this happen without protest. How outrageous to give such a presitigous honor and moment to someone who is actively working to keep the LGBT community oppressed. He deserves to be condemned, not have an award named after him.

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