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Saturday, April 30, 2011

GLAAD: Latinos Are More Open To Accepting LGBT Family & Friends

We just read this piece about the depictions of gay characters in novelas which, according to Cuban-American GLAAD president Jarret Barrios, are "getting better." Jarret says they've been working with the likes of Univision to include more gay characters in their novelas. La Reina Del Sur, a very popular novela right about now, just featured a lesbian kiss between Kate Del Castillo and Christina Urgel. So yes, things are getting better but still; Jarret concludes "they've been slow to adapt."
But according to Monica Trasandes, director of the Spanish-language media at GLAAD, research shows that being gay in the Latino community is becoming less taboo:
"What we're finding in our research at GLAAD, is that Latinos are as, or more, supportive of marriage equality. And it's because Latinos understand the value of family and how important it is to have that family at the center of our culture. It doesn't mean social taboos are erased overnight — what it means is that Latinos are open to supporting the equality of their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends, family, and neighbors."
Just like our uncle used to say "los parientes son de a huevo!" [relatives aren't optional]. Once your dad gets over your collection of William Levy pictures or, if you're marimacha — we love that word! — your Chavela Vargas CDs, he'll finally be ready to start loving you for who you really are.

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