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Thursday, April 28, 2011

LGBT Rights: Republicans Continue Attacks At State Level

Picture-82By David Mixner -

Really, informed citizens need to know, is there a sane wing of the Republican Party? Proclaiming loudly last fall that they would provide the leadership to get this nation's economy moving again, they swept the elections. So far the American people have been treated to a sideshow of outrageous actions and fallacious accusations. Jobs and getting people out of poverty and back into the workforce seem to be the last things on their mind. Especially in the states where they took total control last election.
We have seen them bent on busting unions in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. They have rushed to wipe away environmental protections including such basics as clean water, clean air and protecting people from toxic waste! As they leave the middle and lower class exposed, they have rushed to pass tax breaks for the rich and reward their special interests.
However, we are reminded once again that top of their list is to deny and revoke equal rights for LGBT Americans. That's right, you read it correctly, revoke equal rights. In Tennessee this week the state legislature is voting to override all local anti-discrimination ordinances that protect LGBT citizens. That means our protections in Nashville would be thrown out by the state. Wow, that should create a lot of jobs. is reporting that the Republicans in Minnesota are 'fast-tracking' legislation that would put on the 2012 ballot a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Yep, they are going to put other business aside so they can be sure to get the 'gays' on the next ballot.
With Donald Trump now demanding Obama's college records, Haley Barbour withdrawing from the race because his praise for White Citizens Councils might be a distraction and Michele Bachmann a contender, is there a sane wing left in the Republican Party?
At least as "The Donald" continues his rampage he is rapidly becoming the "Charlie Sheen" of the Republican Party - mean-spirited, delusional, and totally infatuated with himself. Which, sadly, could also be an apt description of the current Republican Party.

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