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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

West Point Rejects Student's Application Because Of DADT

katherinemillerBy Jonathan Higbee -

Katherine Miller left West Point in August 2010 because she could no longer lie about her sexuality. But with Don't Ask, Don't Tell in ambiguous territory as it prepares to officially go extinct, Miller thought her re-application stood a chance. But West Point says she's still not welcome.
Though DADT's death is certain and it's clear that West Point believes Miller is an exceptional student, the school will not allow her admission simply because she's lesbian.
"While at the academy Ms. Miller remained in good standing and had done exceptionally well academically, militarily and physically," said Lt. Col. Sherri Reed, the academy's director of public affairs. "The choice to seek re-admission is available to her once the repeal process is completed."
"While the don't ask, don't tell policy was recently changed and will be repealed, the effective date has not yet been determined," Reed continued. "Due to this situation, West Point is unable to offer her readmission at this time."

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