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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mormons and Gays

A recent poll showed that 55% of Mormons in Utah agree with their church leaders that homosexuality is not natural, but is a choice that can be "cured". The attempt to "cure" gays has been tried in the church before. A program of electroshock and vomit aversion therapy was run at BYU during the 70's and 80's. The church denies this program ever happened.

There have been many documentaries about these programs and the people who endured them recently. In this video I bring them together to let them tell their stories once again. These stories, recorded by different people at different times for different projects, are consistent with each other. This gives credibility to their claims.

The fruits of the program were a rash of suicides at BYU and the lingering homophobia that exists in the church today. Currently Utah leads the nation in the suicide rate for youths. A disproportional number of them have some kind of same sex attraction.

I hope that this video will help to increase the understanding of the plight of Mormon gays and help the LDS community become more loving and tolerant of their gay brothers and sisters.

Links for the documentaries used.
Fallacy in the Mormon church:
8 The Mormon Proposition:
Mormon Leaders Statement on Gays Draws Criticism:

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