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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Expect Better Julia Gillard

This is my 'I expect better' video, the sound quality isn't great but the message is loud and clear. I am deeply disappointed in Julia Gillard, and anyone else who continues to condone discrimination, by refusing me the right to marry.
What do they think will happen if they allow my partner and I, two women, to get married?? I can tell them now the world won't end, the sky won't fall on our heads and lightning will not strike us down.
We will, however, continue to pay our taxes, get ripped off by the big banks, worry about mortgage rates, the climate, the economy... just like everyone else!!
Julia, stop treating us like second class citizens, stop wasting time and get on with the job of moving Australia forward to be a society where people are treated equally and have the same rights. Keep calm and carry on.

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