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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Italian Refused Driving Licence For Being Gay

Cristian Friscina
Last week, Cristian Friscina, 28 from Brindisi in Southern Italy, tried to renew his driver’s licence but was denied because his open homosexuality is considered a danger on the road.

After undergoing a medical examination and submitting the necessary documentation to the Ministry of Transport, Friscina was informed that his license had been withdrawn because of a medical report issued by a military hospital indicating that he suffered from a mental illness.

Mr Friscina had informed the doctors in the Military hospital of his homosexuality some years ago, who informed the Motorizzazione Civile (Road Safety Authority).

This is not the first time that gay men in southern Italy have faced this kind of discrimination. A few years ago, a Sicilian lost his license in the same way. When he took his driving exam again, he got just a licence for handicapped persons, valid for one year.

Paolo Patanè, president of the Italian gay movement Arcigay, emphasised how ridiculous the ban is: "It has long been known that homosexuality is not a disease. It is about time that everyone learns that."

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