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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Media Release: Massive protest planned for marriage equality at the National ALP conference in December

Media Release - 28/05/11

Massive protest planned for marriage rights at ALP conference

Activists announce plans for historic LGBTI rights protest at ALP conference and calls for people to come out in bigger numbers than ever.

Community Action Against Homophobia Sydney is pleased to announce plans for their biggest protest for marriage equality yet outside the National Labor Party Conference in December. Activists around the country have been waiting with bated breath to see which city will host the conference, this week hearing the announcement that the location is set for Sydney.

Cat Rose, CAAH Co-convener said “Three years ago the Labor Party held their national conference in Sydney and attracted an amazing crowd of three thousand people protesting for marriage equality outside. But this conference is the one that matters; it will be the first time a motion will be put forward that if passed will see marriage equality adopted as full party policy. In the last week Katy Gallagher, Chief Minister for the ACT and the National Labor Women's Conference has joined the chorus of people inside the Labor Party calling for equal marriage rights. Unfortunately Julia Gillard and people such as Joe de Bruyn are digging their heels in against progress and we have no indication that we can assume victory at the conference. We are determined to come out in force come conference time and challenge the Labor Party to end institutionalised homophobia in the biggest and brightest display of support for marriage equality yet. We urge people to keep the weekend of 3-4 December free for this historic moment. Stay tuned as we work out the details.”

Ben Cooper, CAAH Co-convener said “In just a few days since we made the announcement, we have already been informed that dozens of people are booking plane and train tickets from as far Auckland and Perth, to protest outside the conference. We are expecting tens of thousands of people to converge on Sydney for what is beginning to shape up as the biggest day of action for LGBTI civil rights in Australian history”

Cooper continued “If you have never been at a marriage equality protest before, then this is the one that you and everyone you know needs to be at.” The window of opportunity is opening and we need to make sure that we are there in record numbers to make sure that Labor makes marriage equality party policy. If you want equality then you need to be here to make it happen.”

Alex Greenwich stated "The December National Conference provides the ALP with a unique opportunity to make history and end discrimination in the marriage act. Supporters of equality can help to ensure this happens by attending this historic protest"

Details of protest to be announced

The next mass demonstration for marriage equality will be held in Sydney, from Town Hall, 1pm on Saturday August 13th - the 7 anniversary of the ban on equal marriage rights.

Ben Cooper
0434 082 229
Cat Rose
0405 770 302
Co-conveners, Community Action Against Homophobia

Alex Greenwich
Australian Marriage Equality

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