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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LGBT Rights: Here Comes Minnesota......

By David Mixner -

Minnesota 1 
The Republicans in the Minnesota legislature spent an entire week on making sure that there would be on the ballot in 2012 a Constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality. Despite being in the midst of huge budget battles, the Republicans in all their wisdom wanted to make sure the state is protected from 'those homosexuals.' Also, in what they thought was a clever move, they believe having it on the ballot will turn out the religious right and take Minnesota away from the Democrats.
Sounds familiar? We have seen such actions almost every election year in some state where the Republicans attempt to use our freedom as a weapon to win. Except there is one major difference this year. The polls show 60% plus of Minnesotans are supportive of full marriage equality. For the first time, the Republicans might have seriously miscalculated and it actually might help the Democrats next year. The White House has already opposed the amendment.
The rest, of course, depends on us.
Minnesota presents us with an opportunity to defeat this ballot initiative, send a powerful message to the country that this is no longer a winning issue and to keep the state Democratic. Winning and winning big there would be a huge message nationally and move us all one step closer to full equality.
What needs to be done? Money and People.
PLEASE give early money to the Minnesota effort so that we can move forward professionally with all the resources they need to win. Early money is crucial. Second, if you have time, schedule vacation time a year from September/October and plan to be in Minnesota to canvas and volunteer.
Send a check today to Minnesotans for All Families (the coalition against this amendment) and send it today.
We can do this. I know we can.

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