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Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Rhode Island Marriage Equality

Give me A Vote for Rhode Island!

I need your help. I need a couple of hundred votes -- not for me, but for Rhode Island. Yup, vote for Rhode Island. No signups, no hassle, just a couple of clicks and five seconds of your time.

Why Rhode Island?

Because PPP is asking where it should poll next, and Rhode Island is one of the choices, and a marriage equality bill is working its way through the Rhode Island legislature, and NOM is running its usual hateful ads and poisoning lawmakers' ears with their lies. And it's not clear that the support will be there when we need it.

No one seems to have the money to run ads to counteract NOM, so we want the next best thing:


We want legislators to be reminded that Rhode Islanders support marriage equality, so they have the courage to stand up there and do the right thing. (The last poll, taking seven months ago, showed support by a whopping 28% margin, 58% - 31%).

And we want headlines about that truth.

And the way to get those headlines is to have polling results that blogs and newspapers report onm by a reputable pollster.

So vote for Rhode Island, and vote for marriage equality.

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