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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tell NH House of Representatives: Vote against the Same Sex Marriage Repeal

Targeting: The NH State House
Started by: Sarah Stearns
On January 1, 2010, same sex marriage became legal in New Hampshire.  Recently, the New Hampshire House of Representatives introduced a repeal of the marriage equality bill that was signed into law.  A public hearing is set for February 17, 2011 on two bills, sponsored by Reps. David Bates and Leo Pepino, that take away the freedom for gay and lesbian couples to marry.
Recent polls show that the majority of New Hampshire citizens are against the repeal with 62% of voters against it.  Only 29% support the repeal.  It is clear that New Hampshire voters want our government to focus on unemployment and the economy, with 92% of voters saying that the focus should be on economic issues versus social issues.
In an attempt to show solidarity with our gay friends and family, this petition is for straight New Hampshire citizens who want to make their voice loud and clear: same sex marriage does not impact our relationships, marriages or our lives.  It is important to us because we believe all our citizens have the right to marry the person they love.  Please sign this petition if you are against this repeal.

petition text -
We are greatly concerned about the proposed repeals on same sex marriage in New Hampshire, and sign the petition below as a call against this repeal.

New Hampshire led the nation with its decision to allow same sex couples to marry when it was the first state to do so not as a result of a lawsuit, but because the citizens and our law makers knew it was the right thing to do. We do not want to move backwards on this issue. We want our state to continue to be a leader for our country. We know that in the years to come, when history looks upon the years of debate around gay marriage, New Hampshire will be the brave, independent leader as it always has been.

Opponents of same sex marriage will often say that if gay people are allowed to marry, it will ruin the sanctity of marriage. As proven in the states who have allowed same sex marriage before us, it is clear that this is not true. Massachusetts has allowed same sex couples to marry since 2004, and continues to see its divorce rate drop. It currently has the lowest divorce rate in the country. We can see now, and will continue to see, as state after state allows all its citizens to marry that same sex marriage does not impact the state of marriage in any harmful way.

We, the undersigned, are heterosexual citizens. We sign this petition, not because same sex marriage will impact us in any way, but because in fact, it does not impact us at all. It does not harm, change or alter our own relationships and marriages. No law can do this.

We sign this petition because we know that it is the right thing to do. We know that it is important that ALL New Hampshire citizens have the same rights as their neighbors, no matter who they choose to marry. The legalization of same sex marriage did not impact us when it began in January 2010, and it would not impact us if it was repealed now.

In recent polls, the majority of New Hampshire citizens have made it clear that they are against a repeal of same sex marriage. We implore you to listen to your constituents, and vote against the repeal.

Thank you for your time.

[Your name]

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