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Monday, February 21, 2011

New book claims Jesus can “cure” homosexuality

By James Beal -

A small Christian group has provoked a storm of criticism by publishing a book which claims Jesus can ”CURE” homosexuality.

Book claims Jesus can cure homosexualityControversial ‘Where Is Your Brother?’ tells the tale of a man who leaves his wife and kids for a male partner – only to have a religious revelation and reject homosexuality.
The book, written by a Canadian author, is now due to hit shelves across the UK after a Christian literary firm decided to publish it and promote its message.
Its members have caused a stir by claiming the book can help ”cure” teenagers who have been ”misled” into homosexuality.
Eileen Mohr, 79, who runs Crossbridge Books, said: ”We wanted this to be a more high profile launch than we usually have because of the nature of the story.
”We are expecting it to be controversial because of its claim that Jesus can cure homosexuals and we are ready for the controversy.
”Although we believe some people are born with homosexual tendencies, a lot of teenagers are misled by all the hype in the media about homosexuality.
”Because their sexuality is not clearly defined they can be misled into it.”
The book, its title taken from a quote said by the Lord to Cain in the New Testament, was penned by Canadian writer Marion Heath.
The plot follows Ryan and Tony, friends who form a bond and make – according to the book’s description – some ”wrong choices”.
Book claims Jesus can cure homosexuality
Tony leaves his wife Janet and their two teenage kids and moves in with Ryan, only to finally find the ”power” of Jesus and reject homosexuality – returning to his family.
It is billed as a ”powerful novel involving adventurous sport, life-changing experiences, redemption and compassion”.
Mrs Mohr said: ”We are expecting homosexual people to object to the idea that Tony can be cured of his homosexual tendencies.
”We want them to read the book and find out more about the healing power of Jesus.
”We are not belittling them – it is just showing that Jesus can help whatever their problems.
”A lot of people have been led astray and the present attitude is almost claiming that it is normal.
”Some seem to be born that way, but a lot of psychiatrists say it is a result of our environment.
”I know Jesus can heal them.”
The book is due to be launched at St Paul’s Church, in Worcester, next month by Crossbridge Books – run by retired teacher Eileen and her 80-year-old husband Gunther.
Marion Heath is travelling from Canada to be at the launch, on March 19, and publisher Eileen Mohr is also hoping to arrange book signings across the city.
Gay and lesbian groups have reacted with fury at the book.
Lesbian and Gay Foundation, a charity which campaigns for equal rights, claimed her comments would add to the ”myth” that homosexuality can be cured.
A spokesman said: ”Mrs Mohr’s comments are particularly worrying, and will come as no comfort especially to lesbian, gay and bisexual people of faith.
”Mrs Mohr states “a lot of people have been led astray and the present attitude is almost claiming that it is normal” inferring that homosexuality is abnormal.
”A number of recent cases have highlighted that psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists have been trying to cure lesbian, gay and bisexual people, often on religious grounds.
”This kind of conversion therapy has been discredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and British and American Psychological Associations.
”Maybe Ms Heath’s next book could highlight that sexual orientation and religion don’t always have to be at odds.
”Many lesbian, gay and bisexual people have happily reconciled their sexual orientation with their faith, and feel no need to be healed.
”In fact what we often hear is that people who are lesbian and gay merely want to be healed of the pressure to conform to other people’s expectations.
”They need to talk to someone who will understand what they are going through and recognise the need for them to be true to themselves without anyone trying to change them.
”It sounds like this book will do nothing to help these people, merely to promote the myth that sexual orientation can be altered.”


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