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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transgender woman found dead, struggled for acceptance

By Justin Fenton -

Life as a transgender woman wasn't easy for Anthony Trent. Known as "Tyra," the 25-year-old told family she was sometimes attacked on the street just because of the way she looked.
"He was a very bold person – he wasn't scared to show or flaunt his lifestyle," said cousin and close friend Correll Trent, 18. "People told him all the time, if this is the way you want to live, we can't stop you. But be careful, watch yourself."
Recently, she had been jumped on the street and beaten up, losing a tooth in the attack.
"He came home and cried that day," Correll said.
On Saturday, someone wandered into a vacant city-owned home in the 3300 block of Virginia Ave. in Northwest Baltimore and found Trent's body in the basement. She had no identification and no cell phone, but an autopsy revealed that she had been asphyxiated. City homicide detectives are investigating the case.


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