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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Republican Legislators Declaring War On The LGBT Community


By David Mixner -

With all that is going on in the world, you would think the Republicans elected in landslides all over the country would have better priorities than attacking the LGBT community's drive for full equality. In numerous states in the last elections Republicans took over both houses of the legislature plus the governorships enabling them to set new priorities for a new age. So far their priorities seem to be union-busting and a full fledged attack on the LGBT community.
In Indiana and North Carolina they are pushing legislation that would add amendments to their state constitutions banning marriage equality. In Iowa, they are attempting to rid the State Supreme Court of any justice that voted for marriage equality. In Montana, the Republicans have passed out of committee a bit of legislation that would overturn any local LGBT equality ordinance. In Maryland, the head of the Republicans in the legislature sent out a letter urging all Republicans unite to fight marriage equality. In Florida, the newly elected Republican governor wants to overturn the ruling that allows LGBT citizens to adopt. In Washington, D.C. the Republican controlled House has Republicans sponsoring bills to overturn marriage equality in the District, cutting off all funds to implement the repeal of DADT and pushing once again a federal amendment to the United States Constitution banning marriage equality. Trust me, these are the tip of the iceberg because there are so many more efforts by them to continue our bondage.
Before you start filling up my mailbox with comments about the 'exceptions' such as Senator Susan Collins or this one or that one, the overwhelming majority of Republicans are fighting us hard.  Most of of the good ones will be challenged in the primaries like Senator Lugar this year in Indiana for not being anti-gay enough among other issues!
You can't make this up. Seriously, folks, this is an all-out declaration of war by Republicans on our community. Forget wars, forget jobs, forget healthcare and so many others priorities, they are intent on stopping our inevitable march for full equality. No window dressing they put on it can make it look any better. We will never forget that they have chosen this moment and opportunity for their party to turn against us with a vengence.

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