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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

National Campaign For A Harvey Milk Stamp

By David Mixner -


God, Harvey would have loved this campaign. Once again even in death he could break one more barrier. A national campaign has been launched to put the LGBT hero on an United States Postage stamp in honor of his incredible work for our freedom. With The Task Force assisting, the effort is led by National Campaign Director Michael Gaffney along with National Campaign Chair Nicole Murray-Ramirez.
The assassinated Supervisor from San Francisco would have had a real sense of humor about this effort. He would get that twisted smile of his and say, "Hell, imagine all those straights having to lick my backside to send a piece of mail." Despite the humor, this is a very serious effort that is likely to yield real results if everyone would write a letter. For more information, just write to and get aboard this important effort. The effort has already been joined by Stuart Milk, Cleve Jones, Rev. Troy Perry, Dustin Lance Black, Speaker John Perez and myself.

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