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Friday, April 1, 2011

Demand Jackson, Michigan withdraw appointment of anti-gay Human Resources Director


  • Mayor, City of Jackson(Karen Dunigan)
  • Jackson County Administrator(Adam Brown)
Jackson county and city recently hired Crystal Dixon of Maumee, Ohio to head their human resources department. She was fired from her job at the University of Toledo in 2008 after writing a letter about her position on equality to the Toledo Free Press. In it she argued that gay and lesbian individuals are not civil rights victims because they have the ability to "choose a homosexual lifestyle."

A public leader with this type of record is unacceptable anywhere in our state. Read the full story here.

Jackson residents deserve someone who is qualified to serve as their human resources director. The job in question places Crystal Dixon as lead negotiator for contract agreements and will make her an influential voice in searches for department heads. She needs to be capable of providing equal opportunity and advocating for the interests of all Jackson residents. Her job history simply makes her unqualified to serve the entire Jackson community.

Take action now to let Jackson officials know that this decision cannot be tolerated. Send an email to Interim County Administrator Adam Brown and City Mayor Karen Dunigan.


Crystal Dixon's Hiring
Dear Mayor Dunigan and County Administrator Brown,
The families of Jackson County and the City of Jackson deserve a human resources director that is dedicated to serving all of the regions residents. I was disheartened to hear that Crystal Dixon, who does not share those same values, has been recently hired as the new Human Resources Director. In her new position she’ll be tasked with being the lead negotiator for contract agreements and will make her influential voice heard in searches for department heads. It’s vital that while in this role, the human resources director has the interests of all Jackson residents and families at heart, not just those that she agrees with.

Her large sphere of influence would have dire consequences for the families that rely on the human resources director to act in their best interest. Ms. Dixon’s job history indicates that she is not qualified to serve the needs of all of the families and residents she’s charged with protecting.

I urge you to rescind Crystal Dixon’s job offer and find a replacement for her in a candidate that has the best interests of all of the city and county’s residents at heart.

[Your name]

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