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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anti Gay Slurs at High School Football Game

Every year, the best football rivalry known in the entire Cleveland area is between North and South High School, located in Lake County, Ohio. It is a widely televised event that draws in all ages from the community and also bring in much needed monies for the North and South High Boosters. It was the feautured high school football game this week in Northeast Ohio. However, something has gone awry within the past few years.
People in the stands watching pregame were enjoying the festivities and participating loudly in the singing of the Star-Spanlgled Banner. When the teams came out, both sides chanting the normal rivalry cheers. This time, a random person was recording when anti-gay-slurs erupted from the home stands.
"It as an appaling display of anti-gay slurs from North High. 'Powder Blue Faggots' is a totally inappropriate cheer to be using when the rivalry team enters across the field. I graduated from this school, and we never used this tyoe of language' quoted Heather Ike.
Principal Chauby from North High School was quoted as saying that she could not suspend all 300-400 students that were in the video, but that she would make sure she made announcements that the acts were wrong.
It has been said this has been going on for years, and that South High calls North "Halloween Homos" because of their school colors. This was not recorded...


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