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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why two dads are better than none! By ARR surrogate Jodi

   I was recently the proud surrogate of two wonderful intended parents who happen to be gay. For me it wasn’t a decision of whether I should carry for a gay couple or not. They are both marvelously caring and compassionate people, and I know they will be great fathers to their twins.

   I feel very strongly about equal rights, and I hate that it’s so hard for gay parents to adopt. When I decided to become a surrogate, both my husband and I had stated that we were open to carrying for a gay couple. When we were almost immediately matched with one, I was excited but also nervous. I wanted to like them, but I wanted them to like me too.

   The moment my intended parents walked into the room at Alternative Reproductive Resources, one of them cracked a joke and I knew we were going to get along. They were both very respectful of me and told me that because it was my body, they would let me make any decisions regarding my health and pregnancy. We knew right away that this was the right couple for us. The fact that they were two men instead of a traditional couple wasn’t even a factor.

   A son, a daughter and a year later, I have to say that my surrogacy was perfect. Every step was easy and I couldn’t have asked for better intended parents or friends. The hardest part about leaving the hospital after giving birth was leaving the guys. I can’t say that I will ever be a surrogate again, but thanks to these men, I would do it for them all over again.

   Jodi is The Surrogacy Spotlight’s featured surrogate of the month! Visit to ask her questions or find out more about her journey.


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