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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Log Cabin Member Seeks Reinstatement in Marines & Dan Choi Re-ups!


    Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, San Diego chapter vice president of the Log Cabin Republicans, joined a handful of service members who have attempted to rejoin the military since the Pentagon ordered recruiters to allow gay applicants.    First reported by San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, Rodriguez-Kennedy, a 23-year-old former corporal in the Marines, visited a recruiting office in El Cajon, Calif. on Tuesday with Lisa Kove, the executive director of Fed Globe, an advocacy group for gay service members and civil servants.
The recruiter told Rodriguez-Kennedy that the office would not know how many re-enlistment requests from former service members it would be able to accommodate until January. "Even if I were to return I would probably suffer a demotion due to the time I’ve been out of service," Rodriguez-Kennedy said
   On its face, Rodriguez-Kennedy's attempt to be reinstated in the Marines is not contradictory to what Justice Department attorneys have argued in court: That any injunction against DADT be strictly limited to service members who are also members of Log Cabin Republicans, which brought the lawsuit challenging the military's policy banning openly gay soldiers.
   Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said the Defense Department has suspended enforcement of DADT. Military recruiters have been advised to inform potential recruits that the moratorium against DADT could be lifted, however.

meanwhile, in Time Square, Dan Choi re-ups with the army-

Footage showing Dan Choi going inside the Times Square recruiting center before emerging victorious, having re-enlisted in the army...this time as an openly gay men.


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