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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aurelio and Greg's excellent wedding, despite some blatant homophobia from the Union Leader in NH.

By Kate Parker-

   Greg called me two weeks ago to plan a wedding for 40 guests somewhere in NH.  His partner, Aurelio, is from Venezuela and Greg grew up in the Manchester, NH area.  NH was the perfect place for them to get married because of Greg’s personal ties to the state, and of course, NH is one of 4 New England states that allow gay marriage.
   Simple enough, right?  Other than the regular wedding planning last minute concerns- finding a caterer, designing and execution of the decor elements, creating a personal experience for everyone there, their wedding plans were falling into place nicely.
   The wedding is this Saturday and I received a phone call from Greg yesterday letting me know that he tried to get their wedding announced in the Union Leader, since Greg was from the Manchester, NH area.  He was told that they don’t allow gay weddings to be announced and he asked to talk to the editor.  The editor simply told him it has been the “policy of the newspaper” and that as the editor, he has the right to print whatever he’d like.
   This immediately outraged me, as Greg and Aurelio are legally allowed to marry in NH, NH has anti-discrimination laws in place that include sexual orientation, but because of the 1st Amendment, they were out of luck.
   I urge everyone to share this story to support my clients, and anyone on this earth who deserves to be supported, especially when the support we provide also provides safety.
   Happy wedding Greg and Aurelio! The weather looks beautiful, your guests are going to have a fantastic party, and please know that you have the full support of KPW and everyone we work with.
KP (Kate Parker)


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