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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Hear The Children

Philanthropist-Author Releases Third Book of 'Love Creates Family' Series Benefiting We Hear The Children Inc. 
PORTLAND, Maine, Oct. 13, 2010 -- Brian J. Tessier has released his latest book benefiting We Hear The Children Inc., an organization created to benefit education, the arts, diversity, tolerance and environmental initiatives for children. 
Tessier, a single gay father and his two adopted sons live in Maine after losing their home, savings and personal possessions in Massachusetts to black mold caused by the alleged negligent installation of central air conditioning. Ultimately, Tessier was also forced to give up a career with a large mutual fund company that spanned more than a decade so he could care for his young children. This experience motivated Tessier to found We Hear The Children Inc.  Regarding the foundation and his experiences Tessier states, "You can lose it all but gain perspective” and “We may be only one family but we can make a difference." Tessier was recently named to the National Advisory Council of the Human Rights Campaign’s -All Children - All Families Foundation.
The truth that "everyone has wishes, dreams and hopes" inspired Tessier to write his third book. "The Poet and the Painter: A Living Love Story" which comes from the heart of a man whose greatest wish and wildest dream was to be a father, but whose hope is to also be a husband. This book contains his seed of hope which he unabashedly shares with the reader, but allows the reader to customize the story to create their own unique and personal vision. As the author says, "I am living a love story, and so should you. This is everyone's story; you can add to it, wish with it and dream upon it."
In the beautifully crafted picture book, the author shares with everyone the love story he is living with his children, while holding onto the hope there is a painter who has a similar vision as the author takes the role as the poet. Once again the author creates a deep multi-leveled message that can be applied to relationships, love and the search for connection.  
Without regard for gender or sexuality the author creates a story that captures what we as humanity seek: connection and love. This book uniquely captures hope with poetic essence. With vivid colors, abstract images, and vibrant paintings, artist Donna Estabrooks captures the real essence of the story, thus perfectly complementing the author's words and message. The artist has had her work described as "painted prayers," and here she captures the prayer and the hope of the author and the reader alike.     
Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book fund We Hear The Children Inc. Tessier's other works are available at Xlibris.
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