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Friday, December 24, 2010

In The Life Media - Producing Change


In The Life Media is a national organization whose mission is to provide information about the LGBT community, document the ongoing LGBT civil rights movement, and produce diverse images of the LGBT community to create better understanding and acceptance.

Dear Friends,
As we approach the holidays, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal and ongoing commitment to the fight for LGBT equality and social justice.
Because of your support the past year was was an especially productive and exciting one for In The Life Media, featuring another dynamic season of our award-winning public television program and vastly increased production and promotion of our web exclusive videos.
As we tell the heartbreaking story of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover in Bullycides, examine legislation that condones LGBT discrimination (Democracy or Theocracy) or investigate how anti-gay faith leaders with ties to Capitol Hill are targeting LGBT people internationally, (Exporting Hate), we use the power of media to expose and challenge injustice.
Media has the potential to divide and conquer the detractors of LGBT equality. But the reality is we are financially outgunned by our opponents. We count on you, our members, supporters and viewers to join with us as we work to inform the dialogue on issues of critical importance to the LGBT and allied communities.
Join me today, by making a gift that suits your means, to help me meet (or exceed) my year-end goal to raise $5,000! Your gift of any amount has significant impact in helping In The Life Media to bring compelling, relevant programs to public television and the Internet.
Also, help us achieve our goal to have as many viewers online as we do on public television. Enjoy In The Life Media programming and when you see a video that inspires you, share it simply by using the link on our video player. By posting it to your Facebook page or emailing it to your contact list, or even by putting a link to the website in your auto signature you increase the power of In The Life Media exponentially.
However you choose to join us, the time to do so is now. Together we have the power to produce change!
Yours in the fight,
Michelle Kristel
Executive Director


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