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Friday, January 21, 2011

Granite State (NH) Camp Courage Community Intro Video

Granite State Camp Courage

Hosted by Granite State Progress, in collaboration with the Courage Campaign

New Hampshire is an equality state - we passed marriage equality in 2009, soundly defeated a repeal bill in 2010 and sent a clear message last town meeting season that the Granite State opposes discrimination.

But anti-equality forces are at work again, introducing legislation to overturn marriage equality and codify discrimination into our state law. In the immediate, we need to help ensure equality remains a proud "Live Free or Die" tradition in New Hampshire. In the long-term, we need to build more visible, broad public support for equality by changing the hearts and minds of those closest to us.

Join us for Camp Courage, an intensive training on how to talk to our legislators, friends, family and community members about the importance of equality through our own stories and experiences. Based on the model developed by the Courage Campaign, these trainings across New Hampshire will empower individuals to have "Courageous Conversations" about their personal reasons for supporting marriage equality. Working in local teams, we will establish ways to strengthen equality in our community and at the State House, one person at a time.

Sign up to attend a Camp Courage in your area, or to help organize one!

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