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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why is New Hampshire's Cornerstone Policy pushing 'ex-gay' myths?

Cornerstone POlicy Research is considered New Hampshire's preeminent "pro-family" organization.

The group finds support in prominent conservatives like U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and National Organization For Marriage chair Maggie Gallagher. Oh, and here's current U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, making an appearance at a November Twenty Ten CPR banquet.

CPR's current cause celebre is repealing the state's marriage equality law. Here's CPR president Kevin Smith laying out his intent to Focus on the Family:

So Kevin says he wants to repeal not only civil marriage equality, but also the basic rights that come from civil unions. That's shocking enough to loving gay families. But wait - there's more. So much more.

On CPR's website, the group lists what they call "Helpful Links." Topics range from divorce to drugs to education, with links to mostly faith-based organizations that CPR thinks can assist their supporters. But here's where it gets interesting. If one scrolls down to the Homosexuality section of these helpful links, one will see four names listed. Four names that are all geared towards pushing the scientifically-discredited notion that gays can and should change their sexual orientations.

There's Love Won Out, a touring conference program all about praying away the gay feelings.

There' Exodus International, a large stable organization that hosts the Love Won Out conferences

There's PFOX, a very niche organization that purports to be a support group for families who do not accept a relative's homosexuality.

And there's NARTH, a group whose conveniently spun science tries to -- well here, let founding member Joseph Nicolosi tell you:

In short: NARTH researches homosexuality in hopes of finding a way to justify their preconceived, largely faith-based script. NARTH's work also includes telling gay teens that they are neither healthy, natural, or normal, so as to avoid a "quote/unquote" deadly lifestyle.

Cornerstone Policy Research has every right to push this sort of information out to supporters. But if they are going to aggressively lobby on marriage equality -- and you can be sure they're gonna -- then New Hampshirites and especially state lawmakers have a right to know what kind of logic is supporting their "protect marriage" claims.


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