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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OutSpoken Newsletter

Tue, January 18, 2011 10:52:11 AM


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Message from Cary Alan Johnson

cary johnsonThe recent attention to the extreme challenges facing young LGBT people is long overdue. Tragically, it is a result of an alarming number of youth suicides and well-publicized cases of anti-gay violence that captured media attention in the United States and reverberated in many other countries. Violence, isolation, depression, homelessness, and suicide are serious problems for our young people, particularly youth of color and those mired in poverty. Read More »

Turkey: Transgender Activists Under Attack

pembe hayatOn May 17th, 2010, a few hours after the end of a ceremony marking the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, five transgender activists were arbitrarily stopped by police. They were handcuffed, beaten with batons, kicked and sprayed with tear gas, before being taken to the police station. Read More »

United Nations: Obstacles and Victories for LGBT Human Rights

UNIt has been an exciting and challenging year for LGBT human rights at the United Nations, with significant steps forward for IGLHRC and the LGBT movement as a whole. In July, IGLHRC was accredited as a civil society observer by the UN Economic and Social Council. Read More »

In Focus: Ugandan Activists Get Results at the UN and at Home

UgandaIn October, the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone ran a story outing LGBT people with the inflammatory headlines, "Uganda's Top 100 Homos" and "Hang Them." Following attacks on activists named in the paper, local LGBT leaders waged a court battle to stop Rolling Stone from continuing to incite violence. Read More »

Publications and Research

CameroonIn November IGLHRC launched the report, "Criminalizing Identities: Rights Abuses in Cameroon based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity." Read More »

IGLHRC at Work

Asia Pacific Forum

asia pacific forum
The Asia Pacific Forum issued a report in December noting that all its member states were failing to provide protections for LGBT people. Read More »


LGBT Moroccans held a historic ceremony in Rabat to observe the first ever ‘National LGBT Day’ on October 23rd. The group "Kifkif" submitted a letter to authorities, alerting them of rights violations. Read More »


albert osorio
In October, IGLHRC issued an Action Alert jointly with Peruvian LGBT groups Boletin Diversidad and VIHDARTE calling for the condemnation of anti-LGBT hate crimes. Read More »


zambian activists
Recent efforts to revise the Zambian constitution have dealt the LGBT community in that country a severe blow. Read More »
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