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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama: It's Time For A LBGT Person In The Cabinet

By David Mixner -

President+Obama+Meets+Cabinet+CaVqw0b62d4lAll over the world we have seen members of the LGBT community step up to lead their citizens into greatness. In the United States we have elected or appointed over 500 people to office. Mayor Annise Parker leads Houston which is the fourth largest city in the United States. In Iceland we have a lesbian Prime Minister, in Paris and Berlin we have two openly gay mayors, in Italy we might soon have a gay male as Prime Minister and Ireland the next president might be an openly gay man.
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain appointed four openly LGBT people to his cabinet during his administration. Congressman Barney Frank served as head of the Banking Committee in the last term of Congress. The talent that the LGBT community offers this nation and the world is simply endless. It is only a matter of time, sooner than later, that we will have members of the LGBT community serve in the United States Senate and as a governor of a major state.
Where are we missing?
The LGBT community has never had an open member serve in the President's cabinet and our appointments as Ambassadors have been few. The time has long passed to correct these glaring omissions. After all if Catholic Italy surrounding the Vatican can have an openly gay man as Prime Minister then surely we can serve America in the cabinet.
There is no question that over the next two years several major cabinet appointments will come open. Mr. President, it is long past time to reach down into the talented and ready-to-serve LGBT community for an appointment and allow us to bring those talents to America.

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