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Saturday, January 29, 2011

With David Kato's Death, The Horror Grows In Uganda

By David Mixner -

Uganda has been a time bomb ready to explode ever since the Pentecostal community in the United States began pushing their anti-LGBT agenda overseas. The world reacted in horror when the Uganda Parliament attempted to pass the death penalty for homosexuals. The legislation is still pending and still might see the light of day. Almost the entire legislative effort has been funded by US Pentecostal organizations. Then a newspaper called "Rolling Stone" (not the United States magazine) printed on its front page the photographs of 100 homosexuals and ordered their readers to "get rid of them."

One of those pictures was of young David Kato Kisule, one of Uganda's leading LGBT activists in that nation. Earlier this week he was brutally beaten to death in his home. Most likely he is just the first of many to suffer the consequences of the legislation and the article. David refused to hide and refused to remain silent after his picture appeared in the paper. The result was a savage beating to death of this Uganda hero.
Uganda in an effort to protect its image is already proclaiming loudly that David's horrific death had nothing to do with his homosexuality. Don't believe that for a second.
President Barack Obama issued a statement expressing sorrow at the news of the death of the brave young man:

I am deeply saddened to learn of the murder of David Kato. In Uganda, David showed tremendous courage in speaking out against hate. He was a powerful advocate for fairness and freedom. The United States mourns his murder, and we recommit ourselves to David’s work.
At home and around the world, LGBT persons continue to be subjected to unconscionable bullying, discrimination, and hate. In the weeks preceding David Kato’s murder in Uganda, five members of the LGBT community in Honduras were also murdered. It is essential that the Governments of Uganda and Honduras investigate these killings and hold the perpetrators accountable.
LGBT rights are not special rights; they are human rights. My Administration will continue to strongly support human rights and assistance work on behalf of LGBT persons abroad. We do this because we recognize the threat faced by leaders like David Kato, and we share their commitment to advancing freedom, fairness, and equality for all.

Matteo Pegoraro of "Everyone Group" wrote yesterday of his friendship with David:

"I could read the pain in David's eyes: a sorrow that had taken root in his heart for his people, for those who experience daily the abuse of discrimination, fear and isolation. A pain that was matched by his desire for justice, freedom, and the equality of all human beings. His eyes shone with melancholy, but they could not conceal the strength of an extraordinary man, ready to give his life to defend the most vulnerable, ready to deprive himself of everything to help the most needy, ready to face even the most formidable opponents to defend his own opinions and those of others."

for more from David visit Live from Hell's Kitchen.


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