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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Historical Watershed For Marriage Equality


By David Mixner -

Over the last month, there has been continuing evidence that we have passed the 'point of no return' concerning marriage equality. Poll after poll has continued to show remarkable progress in changing American minds about the issue. Some have shown us slightly ahead and some slightly behind. What is clear is the direction of public opinion and that points to the inevitability of marriage equality.
The American Independent in an article by Kyle Daley unveils new data by General Social Survey. For the first time since they have been going to the American public with this issue, marriage equality has more support than those that oppose it. By a striking figure of 46% to 40% , Americans now support marriage equality. In 1988 73% of Americans opposed marriage equality and only 12% supported it! What a shift over just two decades.
Maryland might be heading to a referendum on marriage equality. Rhode Island is voting soon on the issue. New York activists are optimistic for a successful legislative vote by summer. American Foundation for Equal Rights has gone to court to ask them to 'lift the stay' to allow California couples to get married as the courts sort out the issue. The Republican controlled New Hampshire legislature refused to repeal marriage equality this session; Iowa is a battleground but there is hope we can hold fast.
The battle will still be hard, bloody and ugly since our opponents want to ensure that obtaining our freedom and total equality will not come easy. Besides, too many of them make a full time living out of practicing hate against the LGBT community. We will still have major obstacles and setbacks to overcome.
The message in all of this? Keep on fighting. Don't let up. Write those checks. We are winning and now is not the time to relax. The LGBT community has learned over the years it depends on us to lead the nation on a journey to full equality. Lead!

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