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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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March 9, 2011

Dear Friends:  

Truth Wins Out is honored to bring you an inspiring and uplifting new video of true love found in the most unlikely of places.
 KC and Larry Jansson
KC is a conservative preacher's son from a small town in the Midwest. Larry came from a liberal enclave in Southern California, but fell into a Christian theater group that taught him it was sinful to be gay.  Both young men traveled to Love in Action, an infamous "ex-gay" ministry in Memphis, to try to go from gay to straight.

Instead of "praying away the gay", the two men fell in love. They escaped the "ex-gay" ministry and moved together to Texas. Eventually, they bought a house and got legally married in Connecticut.

This is the type of story that LGBT youth and the American public needs to hear -- and Truth Wins Out is telling it. A few weeks ago, the organization brought Larry and KC Jansson back to Memphis where their journey began. The couple visited Love in Action for the first time since they left and then they spoke to a packed house at Rhodes College.

Truth Wins Out has released a three-part video series today that documents their triumphant return to Memphis. Please check out all three videos (but if you are pressed for time, begin with Part 3)

Unfortunately, on the same week the Jansson's gave their educational seminar, the "ex-gay" group Exodus International held an event in Phoenix. The organization told young LGBT people that "homosexuality will disappoint you" and it is a sin that will "make your heart sick".  

And, just this week, an "ex-gay" activist testified against a civil unions bill at the Colorado Senate with the convoluted message that LGBT people do not need equal rights because they can "change".  

Truth Wins Out is very proud to KC and Larry Jansson Marriedcounter such vile hatred and discrimination by sharing the stories of "ex-gay" survivors like the Janssons'. However, we can only continue to do so through your generosity and kindness. Without your help - I guarantee that the only message that will reach the public is the twisted and homophobic one put forth by Exodus International. 

Please strongly consider a tax-deductible contribution to Truth Wins Out today.

Maybe it has been a good year and you can invest $1,000, $500, or $150 in the important work of this organization. Perhaps, you are able to give $15, $20, or $35?  

Every bit helps us with our crucial, life-saving mission and we hope you will support our work.

Truth Wins Out believes that a commitment to LGBT youth is not just helping them when they are in tough circumstances. We aim to prevent suicides and low self-esteem by letting LGBT youth know that there is real hope and healthy role models to look up to.

This is why we share stories like KC and Larry's. Will you help us reach these vulnerable youth and the American people with a message of honesty and hope?


Wayne Besen
Executive Director
  Donate Online TWO 
Post Office Box 96
                Burlington, VT 05402


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