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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Urgent: Fight for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Targeting: The MD State House
Started by: Equality Maryland
Last week, the House Judicial Proceedings Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates voted 12 to 10 to advance the Civil Marriage Protection Act to the House floor.
That means we're only one step away from marriage equality in Maryland: a full floor vote in the House of Delegates.
Delegates and their staff are reporting that the opposition is flooding their offices with slanderous lies about gay and lesbian couples and their families like never before.
But lies and discrimination won't win in these final moments if we all join the fight for marriage equality in Maryland.
Same-sex couples want the same things all couples want: the ability to protect and provide for their families. Yet each day, gay and lesbian couples in Maryland are excluded from the respect and recognition that only marriage provides.
It's time for every Maryland couple to be able to marry the person he or she loves.
Sign this petition to urge the House of Delegates to pass the Civil Marriage Protection Act.

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