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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UPDATED- Gay kiss land London pub, Facebook in trouble

Facebook has issued an apology after a photo of two men kissing was removed from the site.

Facebook has issued an apology after a photo of two men kissing was removed from the site.
The photo, a production still from the UK show East Enders, was used to promote a kiss-in at a London pub, after two men were allegedly removed from the establishment last week for being affectionate with each other.
After the photo’s removal, an online campaign soon spread on Facebook with people uploading images of two men kissing as their profile images.
In a statement released by Facebook, the company said: “The photo in question does not violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
Meanwhile, the kiss-in on Friday, April 15, attracted hundreds of protestors outside the John Snow in Soho.
Demonstrators were protesting against the pub’s decision to remove two men from the premises for being affectionate with each other.
The kiss-in was originally intended to be inside the pub however the owners closed the doors after learning of the protest on Facebook.
Jonathon Williams and James Bull, the couple who alleged they were ejected from the pub on Wednesday, were among the crowd. On what was meant to be their first date, the couple said they were kicked out by a woman claiming to be the landlord, who called their behaviour ‘obscene’.
Williams and Bull said the turnout was “magnificent” and unexpected.
"I hope people will at least consider that everyone has feelings and you have a right to do, within reason, whatever you want in public, if it's affectionate and loving,” Williams told the BBC.
"I think the fact there are a significant number of straight people that are up in arms about it goes to show people don't find gay people offensive,” said Bull.
The owners of the John Snow are yet to comment on either incident.


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