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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marriage Equality: The Numbers Behind The CNN Poll

California_Prop8__Marriage_Equality1By David Mixner -

For the first time the national CNN Poll shows a majority for Americans for marriage equality. The poll joins other national and respected polls that show we have crossed that extremely important milestone. The CNN poll shows that 51% of Americans now support marriage equality with 47% against it. That is up an amazing 7% points in just one year! As with any poll, the most interesting part of it is looking at the numbers behind the poll. Let's take a peek at them.

-54% of men are against marriage equality while the women come to our rescue with 57% of them supporting it. 

-African-Americans support marriage equality by a small margin of 51% to 48%. 

-Those under fifty years of age support our rights by 60%. While those over 65% are against us by 59%. 

-If a person has attended college they support marriage equality by 59% and if they haven't attended, they are against us with 57%. 

-Democrats support us with 64% and so do Independents at 55%. The Republicans continue to be in the dark ages with 71% against same-sex marriage. 

-A strong base of 33% of people who identify as Conservative support marriage equality. 

-Currently only one section of the country is against marriage equality and not surprisingly that is the South with 57% against it. 

-The Northeast supports marriage equality with 55% and the Mid-West supports us with 54%. 

-Our champion area is the West where 61% of the people support marriage equality. 

-Of those who say they support the Tea Party, 67% are against marriage equality while those who are oppose to them support us by a large 76%.

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