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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Introducing LGBT Aging Cultural Competency Training - Now Available Free of Charge!

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I am pleased to share with you that the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging now offers a free training program for aging network providers and LGBT organizations that aims to improve the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults nationwide.

LGBT older adults make up a significant share of America's 65+ population. Their numbers are expected to double in size over the next several decades, reaching more than 3 million by 2030. This means that aging providers will increasingly be called on to provide services and supports that meet their unique needs. The National Resource Center trainings, delivered by a nationwide corps of trainers, will give agencies the tools and information they need to create inclusive and affirming services for all LGBT older adults.

Developed by PHI, a leader in service provider education, in collaboration with LGBT and aging experts from across the country, this comprehensive training is offered in two 4-hour levels that can be delivered separately or together. Training is suitable for all levels of staff, including administrators, service providers and volunteers.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Culture, needs, and concerns of LGBT older adults
  • Why LGBT older adults are less likely to access health and social services
  • Best practices and policies for increasing inclusiveness and safety for LGBT older adults
  • Tools and education to better serve the LGBT older adults who currently access your services, or who are in need of your services
  • Exploring assumptions about aging
  • Exploring attitudes toward various diverse older adults within the LGBT community
  • Supporting inclusion and addressing bias in organizations

If you work in an organization or agency that provides services to LGBT older adults, I urge you to visit the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging today and request your free training.*
All the best,

Hilary Meyer
Director, National Resource Center on LGBT Aging
*Due to high demand, we may not be able to accommodate all training requests; however a staff member will respond to every request.
National Resource Center on LGBT Aging
     A Project of
Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE)
     in partnership with
    American Society on Aging
    FORGE Transgender Aging Network
    GRIOT Cirlce
    Hunter College
    The LGBT Aging Project
    National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
    National Council on Aging's National Institute of Senior Centers


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