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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pinksixty MONDAY 18 APRIL 2011

300 people attended a kiss-in protest at a London pub over the weekend. Soho's The John Snow was the subject of the picket after they ejected a gay couple for kissing, last week.

A group of protesters have ambushed and heckled Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, in Sydney. The marriage equality activists targeted Gillard because of her vocal opposition to same sex unions.

A Taiwan politician has faced criticism after asking a presidential candidate to declare her sexual orientation. Shih Ming-teh urged the Democratic Progressive Party's Tsai Ying-wen under the pretence of public interest.

Britain's Royal Air Force once considered lesbians mentally ill and tried to cure them with psychological treatment, declassified documents have revealed. The details were released in a once-confidential folder headed 'Perverts'.

Finally, a New York couple are celebrating 21 years of fathering a plastic doll. Mark Kirby and A.J Sapolnick have taken their so-called child around the world, although they insist he is a vinyl person -- not a doll.


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