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Monday, November 22, 2010

Boston's FLAG Flag Football League - It Gets Better

The Boston FLAG Flag Football league was founded twelve years ago as an outlet for LGBTQ individuals who wanted to get together and play football. Since then, it has grown into a community of more than 200 men and women - gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or however people see themselves.

On behalf of all of our players, and our family members and friends who come out each week to support us and our league, we want you to know that it gets better. It gets incredibly better.

For those LGBTQ youth and individuals who are having a tough time and feel a lack of hope, or even despair; know that you are not alone. Each one of us has experienced that same sense of fear and isolation. Please stick it out. Because, there is a community out there just waiting to love and care for you. There are groups like ours who will not only accept you for who you are, but will celebrate you as well.

Our community is one of many around the country that celebrates diversity, encourages tolerance, combats prejudice and demonstrates that each individual matters, with contributions to make to the LGBTQ community and to the world.

A group of players and friends of the league came together to share their stories and offer their encouragement and support as you go through a struggle that is all too common in this country and around the world.

You are not alone. You will find your community, as we have found ours. It does get better.

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