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Friday, November 26, 2010

Boycott The Salvation Army Kettles

This holiday season please remember NOT to support The Salvation Army.  This organization is one of the most virulent homophobic groups in the country.  They refuse to offer equal benefits for their glbt employees and openly discriminate against gays and lesbians.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina they refused to assist Blacks, gays, and those who were HIV+.  These were your tax dollars funneled through Bush's faith based initiatives financing discriminatory behavior.  Your tax dollars supported this bigotry.

We ask all progressive thinking people to refuse to contribute to this group.  Instead please drop notes of protest in their kettles.  Tell them what you think of their policies.  Let them know this is why you left them a note instead of cash.
In San Francisco The Salvation Army stopped accepting donations from the City because of its domestic partnership benefits.  They also cut back on their programs in the City.  In other words, because the City of San Francisco decided to provide equal benefits to their employees for doing equal work the Salvation Army, which receives federal tax dollars, decided to cut back their programs and refused contributions from City government. 
Why should your tax dollars support organizations which are freely allowed to discriminate in who they help?  This is the biggest problem with Bush's faith based initiative program.  Public agencies are required by law to help everyone who is eleigible.  Charities like the Army can openly discriminate in hiring and in offering help.  This isn't only wrong, it isn't Christian.  Do not support The Salvation Army this Christmas season. 

Join the campaign:

Salvation Army position statements on marriage and homosexuality

Salvation Army opposes repeal of Section 28

"Salvation Army: Deal Made To Promote Faith Initiative" (10 July 2001)

"Charity Is Told It Must Abide By Anti-discrimination Laws" (11 July 2001)

"Salvation Army Uses Homeless To Fight Gay Benefits" (24 May 2004)


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